Window World Reviews

With a slew of Window World reviews available online, there is one thing that is certain – consumers are happy with the service that is provided to them. Let’s take a further look at this company that grew from a small entity in 1995 to operating over 205 stores all across the country.

Window World has taken replacement windows to the next level by providing impeccable service at a simply unbeatable price. In fact, many people choose the company simply because Window World prices are so low, but is there more behind the allure than simply low pricing?

Window World Services

window world reviews
Window World has grown from simply windows to a slew of other services and products. This includes:

  • Windows: From double-hung to sliding and garden windows, virtually anything you may want in your home Window World has in stock. Energy efficiency is also a major demand that the company meets with Energy Star products.
  • Doors: Beautiful doors that open up to your patio or act as an entry into your home are also sold by Window World. Every door maximizes window space so that you have a beautiful door that let’s in the most sun possible.
  • Garage Doors: Traditional and carriage house styles that come in 6 colors and with 32 panel choices. Insulated and non-insulated options are available as well as additional decorative hardware.
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Vinyl Shutters


There are virtually no Window World complaints when it comes to installation. The services offered are simply unbeatable and make the purchasing and installation process as simple and easy as possible.


Every homeowner that wants to upgrade their windows or simply needs to replace a broken window can call the company for a free in-home estimate. A professional will come to your home and offer their advice on the best window to use as well as make any suggestions.

Starting with the estimate, you will quickly learn just how professional the company is when assessing your needs. Not only do they offer window installation, but they also offer:

  • Doors
  • Shutters
  • Siding

When you call Window World for your estimate, you are going to receive the assistance of a highly trained professional that is an expert craftsman. These craftsmen ensure that the job gets done right the first time without any issues occurring.

$189 Replacement Windows

Of course, most Window World reviews are centered on the famous $189 replacement window offer that the company offers to clients. These windows are only offered on the West coast and some restrictions do apply depending on your local building codes and laws.

This phenomenal low price includes:

  • Maximum efficiency windows
  • AAMA Gold seal
  • Double barrier seal
  • 4 ft. x 6ft or 5ft x 5ft sliders

These windows are covered under a lifetime limited warranty and come with the utmost in energy efficiency.


One of the most impressive features that are available to all potential customers and clients of the company is their online showroom. This design showroom allows you to browse through the company’s entire stock of windows so that you can find one that is perfect for your home.

This showroom may not be as good as an in-person option, but it does allow you to browse through:

  • Color options
  • Grid styles
  • Cut glass
  • Color
  • Type

Users can visualize how the window will look in their home without ever having to leave the house. If a person wants to replace their windows, this allows him or her to do so in the most convenient manner possible.

Window World has stores in 46 states and has continued to open new stores every year. There is a reason why the company has gone from a little store nestled in the country to the largest supplier and installer of windows in the country. With the amazing $189 window replacement offer, you will be hard-pressed to find a company that offers this quality of service for a lower price. In fact, it is nearly impossible unless you install the windows on your own.

Window World even offers financing through their own credit network. This allows you to replace all of your windows today without having to wait until your next paycheck rolls in. Quality windows, doors and even siding can all be replaced by Window World today.