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Indow Windows Inserts Benefits

Your home’s windows give you a view of the outdoors, allow in natural light and open up to allow fresh air inside. But they can also be energy wasters. In fact, home windows are responsible for up to 30% of residential heating and cooling costs.

If you have drafty windows, replacement is one option to improve energy efficiency and reduce UV rays. Another option is to install Indow window inserts.

Window inserts can help improve energy efficiency and offer other benefits.

How Do Window Inserts Work?

Window inserts are exactly what they sound like – inserts placed on top of your windows. They slide right into your window frame and fit tightly to provide a number of benefits.

Indow’s window inserts are installed using specialized silicone compression tubing, so they can be pressed into place without invasive mounting hardware.

They’re also laser measured to custom fit your windows and ensure the best possible fit.

The panels from Indow are made with fiberboard with a white surface that faces the interior of the room. The insert’s material helps regulate the room temperature.

Window inserts install and uninstall in minutes. They’re easy to store in between uses, too.

Indow’s inserts come in a variety of colors (brown, white and black), and they also come in a variety of shapes, like arches and rounds. When installed, the inserts are unobtrusive and much more affordable than window replacement.

The non-invasive installation method is ideal for historic window preservation because they slide right into the frame – no drilling or permanent installation required.

Window Inserts Benefits

Indow Window Inserts

Window inserts offer many advantages, and Indow offers a variety of insert options to maximize these benefits.

Light & UV

Indow window inserts help block light and UV rays to give you more privacy, create a better sleep environment and help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Indow offers three levels of light blocking:

Level 1 – Privacy Grade

Diffuses incoming light to provide privacy without blocking sunlight. They’re also translucent, so they won’t block the view of the outdoors. The surface also helps hide fingerprints and the compression seal will reduce condensation.

The Privacy grade insert is ideal for areas of the home where you want to prevent outsiders from seeing inside. If you live in a high-traffic area, these window inserts can help you feel more comfortable in your home.

Level 2 – Museum Grade

Effectively blocks 98% of UV rays to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The UV blocking feature also helps protect against fading on furniture, floors and valuable artwork on the walls. These inserts will block virtually all UV rays without blocking light.

Museum grade inserts can help protect your valuable furniture and art. There’s no visual difference between this grade and the Standard grade acrylic insert, but you get the added benefit of reducing damaging UV rays.

Level 3 – Sleep Panels

Blocks all light, allowing for 100% darkness and a 50% noise reduction. Indow’s panels fit tightly inside of the window frame, so no light can creep through the edges of the insert. These are ideal for bedrooms to block all light and allow for a more restful night of sleep.

If bright outdoor lights are keeping you up at night, sleep panels may be the ideal option for you.

Noise & Sound Reduction

Outside noise can disturb the peace inside of your home. After all, you want your home to be an oasis – an escape from the noisy, busy world outside. Noises from neighbors, traffic and construction can disturb your peace.

The soundproof window inserts from Indow are easy to install and significantly reduce noise. Their window inserts feature acrylic glazing and tubing to create a tight seal to keep both air and noise out of your home.

All grades of Indow windows reduce noise by at least 50% when placed over a single-pane window. Their Acoustic grade insert can reduce noise by up to 70% when installed on a single-pane window and up to 50% on a double-pane window.

In fact, research from British Columbia Institute of Technology found that Indow’s Acoustic Grade inserts, when installed over a double-pane window, provides an STC rating of up to 45. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. A double-pane window without Indow’s insert has an STC rating of 33-35.

Other research from the Green Building Research Laboratory at Portland University found that Indow’s Acoustic inserts reduced noise by up to 18.9 dBAs. This allows you to enjoy a quieter home.

With the right window insert, it won’t matter what’s going on outside your door – your home will stay peaceful. If you live in an area with a lot of external noise, window inserts can help you enjoy better sleep and a more comfortable home.

Lower Energy Bills

Window inserts can help lower your heating and cooling costs. If your windows are drafty, heat from your home will seep outdoors in the winter, and your air conditioning will work harder in the summer to keep the heat out.

Installing Indow’s inserts can help reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%. That’s a significant savings for a simple solution that doesn’t even require permanent installation.

Indow also offers a Shade Grade insert designed to help cut down on heating and cooling costs. These inserts have 1/8” acrylic glazing and a very light green tint. This allows light to flow through while diffusing extra solar rays. They act like a pair of sunglasses for your windows.


Window inserts help improve privacy by blocking out light. The Privacy grade inserts diffuse the light without blocking it. So, outsiders can’t see through your windows, and you still enjoy the natural light that brightens up your space.

These inserts are ideal for bathroom and bedroom windows where you may want some additional privacy. These inserts feature clouded acrylic material, which allows light to flow through while obscuring details as well as shadows.

Easy Installation

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Indow window inserts are easy to install in just minutes and don’t require a professional. Simply press them into place. There’s no need to mount the insert, and they can easily be installed by a single person.

So, in the spring and fall (or whenever), you can easily remove the inserts to open the windows and let some fresh air in.

How Do Indow Windows Inserts Help Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs?

Looking to lower your heating and air bills? Indow window inserts can help.

How do they work?

According to Indow, here’s the technical details on how their inserts insulate from heat:

  • Reduces UV rays by 90%
  • 57.5% visible light transmittance
  • R-value of 1.96
  • Solar heat gain is reduced by 51% (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.49)

Indow’s window inserts are so effective at reducing heating and cooling costs because of their tight fit. This prevents air from moving through and creates an effective seal.

Each insert has a patented compression tube that expands into the space between the window frame and the insert. It does this without damaging the window frame.

How Much Do Indow Window Inserts Cost?

Indow windows are more affordable than window replacement. A typical vinyl window costs up to $87/sf to replace. Wooden windows cost even more.

Indow’s inserts cost:

  • $27/sf for Standard Grade. That’s about $324 for an average sized window.
  • $36/sf for Performance Grade. That’s about $432 for an average sized window.
  • $41/sf for Commercial Grade. That’s about $522 for an average sized window.

For comparison, installing a new vinyl window can cost $1,044 or more.

Inserts are a cost-effective alternative to window replacement, and they offer numerous benefits, including energy savings, noise reduction, UV light blocking and privacy. These are the same benefits that replacement windows offer, but without the high cost or disturbing your existing windows.

The benefits of Indow windows have been backed by research, and they’re easy to install on your own.