Viking Window

Viking Window Passive House Windows & Doors

For more than two decades, Viking Window has been providing energy-efficient windows, many of which are Passive House Institute Certified components. In addition, the Danish-Estonian company offers wooden inward- and outward-opening windows and doors that are highly energy efficient.

Viking Window Series

Double and triple glazed windows are available from Viking Window. The windows in their SW14 Passive House series are a Passive House Institute Certified Component.

SW14 Aluclad Passive Window

SW14 Aluclad Passive Windows

SW14 Aluclad windows are incredibly energy efficient. In fact, they’re suitable for Nordic countries and are a Passive House certified component.

SW14 Aluclad windows offer the following:

  • Three gaskets to ensure high insulation while minimizing condensation.
  • 50mm triple glazing
  • 2 low-E coatings (Planitherm ONE or Planitherm Ultra N)
  • Warm edge spacer (SGG Swisspacer Ultimate)

The windows in this series have a U-value ranging from 0.63-0.80, depending on the glazing system.

The SW14 Aluclad Passive Window has weatherproof construction designed for the extreme climates in Nordic countries and Estonia. In addition, the aluminum profile helps improve the window’s durability.

There are multiple opening types available:

  • Side hung: A traditional design that’s also available as a double casement French window. The sash is 650-969 mm W x 650-1669 mm H.
  • Top hung: Available up to 1.8 m2 opening casement window. The sliding hinges are hidden in the groove between the sash and frame to increase security while creating a modern look. These windows can be used as an evacuation opening if necessary. Ideally, these windows should be used in areas where it’s possible to clean them from the outside (ground floors, balconies, etc.). The sash is 429-1569 mm W x 500-1569 mm H.
  • Side projecting: These windows have up to 1.6 m high casements. The hinges are hidden between the sash and frame to improve security. These windows can be opened sideways up to 90-degrees, which allows for easy cleaning. You can also purchase these as a double casement French window. The sash is 500-869 mm W x 443-1669 mm H.
  • Top swing: With up to 1.8 m2 opening casement, these windows allow in a lot of natural light. The sliding hinges are hidden between the frame and sash. You can also turn the sash around about 180 degrees for easy maintenance and cleaning. The sash is 429-1669 mm W x 527-1626 mm H.

Additional Window Options

  • Sun protection
  • Passive House Certified
  • PAS24 solution
  • Sound insulation glass
  • Near zero energy home

Glass Options

The SW14 Aluclad Passive Windows have several glass options:

  • Clear
  • Diamante 9
  • Stopsol Classic clear, grey and bronze
  • Satinovo mate
  • Reded
  • Delta matt clear
  • Delta clear
  • Parsol grey
  • Kura
  • Ornament 523
  • Parsol bronze
  • Chinchilla clear

SW14 Timber


The SW14 Timber series of windows are also designed to be suitable for Nordic countries. These windows have very similar features to the Aluclad series. They offer the following:

  • Three gaskets for high insulation and to minimize condensation
  • 50mm triple glazing
  • 2 low-E coatings (LowE1.0 or LowE)
  • Warm edge spacer (SGG Swisspacer Ultimate)

Other Viking Window Options

DK88 Aluclad

Viking developed the DK88 Aluclad series for energy-efficient homes. These inward opening windows offer the following:

  • 88mm window
  • Thermal transmittance of Uw – 0.74 W/m2K
  • Argon filled insulated glazing
  • Two low-E glasses (Planitherm One)
  • Warm edge spacer (SGG Swisspacer Ultimate)

DK88 Timber

The DK88 Timber series of windows also offer high energy efficiency. Like the Aluclad windows, these ones offer:

  • 88mm inward opening window
  • Thermal transmittance of Uw = 0.74 W/m2K
  • Argon filled insulated glazing
  • Two Planitherm One low-E glasses
  • Warm edge spacer (SGG Swisspacer Ultimate)

SW17 Timber and Aluclad

SW17 Timber and Aluclad windows are outward opening and have a slimmer profile. They’re ideal for Northern climates and offer the energy efficiency needed for zero energy homes.

The windows in this series have:

  • Three glazings
  • Two sash gaskets
  • A U-value of Uw = 0.75 W/m2K

Energy Efficient Viking Door Options

passive house windows & doors by Viking

Along with traditional entranced doors, Viking Window also offers sliding and folding doors. Their SW14 doors complement their SW14 and SW14 Passive Windows.

SW14 Doors

The SW14 doors from Viking are outward opening and use hardware developed by Maco, a German manufacturer. You can find these doors in single or double leaf doorset. Both wooden and aluclad options are available, with a wide range of colors.

There are several models available in the SW14 collection, with full glass, half glass and solid options. Additionally, a wide range of handle options are available to truly make the door match your home.

SW14 doors with windows are:

  • 50mm
  • 3-glazing units or insulated panels
  • U-value of Uw = 0.7 W/m2K

Solid doors have insulated panels to ensure that their doors offer the same level of energy efficiency as their windowed counterparts.

Other Door Options

Although not as efficient as the SW14 doors, Viking does offer other types of doors that are still energy efficient.

  • Terrace Doors: Inward or outward opening, these doors have the option of one or two leaves.
  • Sliding and folding doors: For terraces and patios. These doors can handle heavy snow loads without damaging the rails. They’re a great option for large glazed areas and help keep the home comfortable.

You can also find sliding door options for corner areas. For homes that have walls of windows, Viking Window doors are a great option.

The windows and doors from Viking Window are incredibly energy efficient and the ideal choice for Passive Homes. The SW14 series of windows and doors are specially designed with Passive Houses in mind and are certified by the Passive House Institute.