PGT Windows

PGT Industries was founded in 1980 and pioneered the impact-resistant window market. Today, the company employs more than 1,500 people at its manufacturing plants in Florida.

Following Hurricane Andrew, PGT worked with the building officials in Miami-Dade, Florida to create new construction code requirements. Today, they are still among the most stringent in the U.S. PGT now holds the most Miami-Dade certifications in the entire window and door industry.

The company is also dedicated to giving back to the local community. Each year, they donate their products, their time and money to local organizations.

PGT boasts a 99% on-time delivery, and they are well respected in the industry.

PGT Industries Products

PGT Impact Windows

PGT has several lines of windows to choose from, including:

WinGuard Hurricane Impact Windows

PGT’s WinGuard Aluminum and WinGuard Vinyl windows offer UV protection and impact-resistant strength that will last a lifetime.

These windows can hold up to repeated impact from 2’ x 4’ weighing nine pounds traveling at 34 miles per hour and hurricane-force winds. Even if glass does become damaged, it will remain in its frame to keep the elements out of the home.

Windows in this collection also:

  • Block 99% of UV rays
  • Reduce ambient noise
  • Are backed by a 10-year warranty

Ratings, certifications and testing include:

  • Florida product approval
  • Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance
  • STC (Sound Transmission Class)
  • National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • International building code


As the name suggests, windows in the EnergyVue collection are designed to be energy efficient. The series has a full suite of customizable products, so your windows meet your unique needs and match your home’s aesthetic.

EnergyVue windows have the option of being ENERGY STAR rated. They have also been tested to meet or exceed the International Building Code for forced-entry resistance, water resistance, air infiltration and structural integrity.

All of the windows in this series are also backed by a lifetime warranty on EnergyVue frames and a limited lifetime warranty on the insulating glass components.

ClassicVue Max

Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum, ClassicVue Max windows are designed for residential and light commercial use.

Windows are created with mechanically-fastened corners as well as hardware that’s resistant to corrosion. This allows for increased durability and easy maintenance.

These windows feature:

  • Monolithic glazing
  • Extruded aluminum frames
  • Powder-coated paint
  • Customizable frame colors, grid styles, patterns, glass tint and more

All ClassicVue Max windows can be customized to your liking and have been tested to meet or exceed the International Building Code for:

  • Deglazing
  • Water resistance
  • Air infiltration
  • Forced-entry resistance
  • Structural integrity

Windows in this series are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the insulating glass and a 3-year warranty on the components and frame.


The Scout series of windows features an aluminum construction and high performance. Windows are customizable to your needs and style, and they have all been tested by the industry’s most respected organizations.

Scout windows are backed by a 10-year warranty on the insulating glass and a 3-year warranty on the frame and components.

Materials and Glass

pgt industries
EnergyVue by

PGT windows feature an aluminum or vinyl construction.


PGT’s vinyl windows have vinyl frames made from 100% uPVC vinyl. Ingredients in this vinyl improve color and heat stability.

All vinyl windows offered by the company have received Florida State Product Approval, and they have been tested to meet rigorous standards.

The vinyl windows from PGT have superior insulation to ensure the window’s frame remains tightly intact without warping or swelling.


PGT designs their aluminum windows to last and offer smooth, quiet operation. Their aluminum windows have double weather-stripping and interlocking rails that help keep moisture and wind out of your home. This helps with insulation, allowing you to save money on your energy bills each month.

PGT aluminum windows meet or exceed the International Building Code for:

  • Deglazing
  • Air infiltration
  • Forced-entry resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Structural integrity

About PGT’s Glass

PGT has several different glass options for buyers to choose from, including:


To create annealed glass, the glass must go through a special cooling process after production. When impacted, annealed glass will break into larger shards.

Heat Strengthened

Glass that is heat strengthened will break into medium-sized chunks. This is annealed glass that’s heated to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled to create compression on the surface. Compression makes the glass more tolerant of temperature fluctuations.

The heat strengthened glass offered by PGT is two times stronger than annealed glass.


PGT’s insulating glass has two panes of glass to minimize heat transfer. These windows go through a special silicone glazing process that keeps glass from breaking away from its frame. Insulating windows have panes that are separated by gas or air.


Like insulating windows, laminated windows go through a special glazing process that keeps the glass from breaking away from the frame.

These windows also feature two panes of glass that are bonded together using a clear interlayer. Once the panes are sealed, they act as a single unit and look just like any other piece of glass.

Laminated Insulating

Three panes of glass are used to create laminated insulating windows: two for strength and one for insulation.

Silicone glazing prevents the glass from breaking away from the frame. Two panes of glass are bonded together with an interlayer for added impact resistance, and an additional pane is added for insulation.


PGT’s tempered glass is similar to their heat strengthened glass. It starts as annealed glass and is then heated to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. But this type of glass is cooled at a more rapid pace to create greater surface compression. The compression makes the glass more resistant to impact and temperature fluctuations.

Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than glass that is heat strengthened.

If impacted and broken, tempered glass will break into small, cube-shaped pieces that are less dangerous than larger chunks.

Additional Glass Options for Energy Efficiency

Options are available to make your windows more energy efficient, including:

  • Glass tints that reduce the heat transmitted through your windows
  • High-performance low-E to prevent solar heat gain and keep unwanted heat out of the house
  • Argon gas to reflect heat and improve temperature regulation