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How to Insulate Windows to Keep Heat Out With Thermal Film

When you live in a structure with multiple large windows, you can experience an effect that is similar to being in a greenhouse. That is especially true if you do not have energy-efficient thermal windows.

One of the many solutions you can consider to try to keep your home more comfortable throughout the year is the installation of thermal window film.

In this guide, we will explain exactly what thermal window film is. We will then go over its advantages and disadvantages and point you toward a couple of products that can help you keep the sun from heating up the interior of your home.

What is Thermal Window Film?

Thermal window film, also called “heat insulation privacy film,” is simply a reflective film that you can install on the inside of your windows and doors. Once the film is in place, it blocks a high percentage of UV and IR. That means that while you can see outside, heat has a harder time of getting in.

Pros of Thermal Window Film

Heat blocking window films can offer you the following advantages:

  • Reduce heat from windows. One of the top benefits of thermal window film is preventing heat from penetrating to the interior of your home through your windows. Just by installing the film, you can maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Increase your privacy. Another of the biggest benefits of heat blocking window film is that you can also stop other people from looking inside your home during the daytime. The film has a mirrored appearance, reflecting back an image of the outdoors. Note that at night when your lights are on, people will still be able to see through the film.
  • Keep enjoying natural light and views. A thermal film can block heat and glare without occluding your view of the outdoors. In fact, because there is less heat and glare, you may actually enjoy spending time near your windows more.  
  • Protect your health. Too much explore to UV light can increase your risk of cancer. Anything you can do to reduce UV exposure may help you to protect yourself.
  • Give your windows a polished look. The reflective look of your windows with thermal film installed not only increases your privacy, but also upgrades their appearance. The reflective tint has a refined, elegant look that can make your entire property look more sophisticated.
  • Install quickly and easily. One of the biggest benefits of thermal film over some other options for blocking heat at windows is the ease of installation. You do not require any special tools or skills. All you have to do is use a little soap and water and carefully adhere the film to the glass.
  • Remove quickly and easily. You are not permanently altering your windows in any way with the addition of thermal film. If you ever decide you want to get rid of the film, you can just start at a corner and peel it right off.
  • Save money. Some solutions for heat blocking on windows can be very expensive. That is not the case at all with thermal film, which is very cheap. You also can save money in the long run with thermal film since you will not need to rely as heavily on your HVAC system as you would without it.
  • Thermal film is versatile. You can use it in a traditional home, tiny house, RV, or just about anywhere else.
  • Become more eco-friendly. If you are running your air conditioner less with thermal film installed on your windows, you are reducing your carbon footprint, which is good for the planet.

Cons of Thermal Window Film

You can appreciate that the advantages of thermal window film are numerous. But are there any drawbacks to be aware of?

The main weakness of thermal window film is that you install it inside of your windows. This is the case with quite a few other options for heat blocking in windows as well. It is easy to understand why; installing something inside a window is quite a bit more convenient than installing it outside the window.

The problem with this is the film only reflects the light after it is has penetrated the window glass.

Systems like this suffer from some degree of heat leakage. They cannot effectively send all of the heat back outside.

The most powerful way to block heat at windows is to stop it from ever reaching the glass. You can see this with shade cloths that people install on top of RV windows at campgrounds, for example.

With a regular house, however, you would not want to cover your windows with shade cloth. It would be both impractical and aesthetically unattractive. Additionally, it would be expensive and hard to install.

Plus, heat through windows is not nearly as big an issue in most regular homes as it is in RVs. Motorhomes really are like greenhouses, whereas regular houses are constructed to better release heat back out into the environment.

So, chances are good that thermal window film will be a suitable solution for your needs if you live in a house.

If it still is not sufficient, however, you could consider replacing your existing windows with insulating thermal glass.

Still not sure what you need? What is nice about heat blocking window film is how cheap it is! You can easily test drive this solution without breaking the bank. So, you might want to try that before you consider a more expensive option.

Where Can You Get Thermal Window Film?

Here are a couple of thermal window film products we recommend.

1. 3M Window Films

You probably are familiar with 3M, a major brand for a wide variety of products. These window films are their simple thermal solution.

With 3M™ Window Films, you can block 78% of the heat of the sun along with 99% of UV rays. If you are looking to stop cold from getting through your windows in the winter, you can also try 3M™ Low-E Window Films. 

2. FILMGOO Window Privacy Film

heat blocking window film

This product is available in silver, black silver, blue silver, or brown silver, allowing you to choose a look that complements your home. It can block 85% of UV, 90% of IR, and 15% of VLT. There is no adhesive involved in installation. You just spray some soapy water on the film and glass and push it onto your window. Taking it off is as simple as peeling to remove.

If you want to quickly, easily, and economically block heat through your existing windows, click on either of the links in this post to get thermal window film.

You can also keep exploring our site to discover more about energy-efficient thermal glass if you are looking to upgrade your windows.