Great Lakes Windows

Great Lake Windows: Tough, Durable, Reliable

From a tiny company that manufactured only three kinds of windows, Great Lakes Windows has grown to become one of the oldest and biggest providers of all-vinyl custom replacement windows and patio doors. Today, Great Lake Windows’ high-quality vinyl replacement windows and doors can be found in homes in 48 states.

Great Lakes Windows

Great Lake Windows started out in 1981 as a small, five-person operation in Toledo, Ohio. Initially manufacturing only three types of vinyl replacement windows, single hung, picture, and slider, the company gradually added more products to its line, taking advantage of a gap in the market for durable and affordable window replacements. Utilizing a revolutionary technique called “pinch welding,” Great Lakes Windows created vinyl replacement windows that required no nails, glue, screws, or staples. Great Lakes vinyl replacement windows made using this technique were guaranteed not to lose their shape and to remain in good working order over time.

Great Lakes only manufactures vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are a popular choice among homeowners and builders alike, as it has many features that traditional wood or metal windows don’t have.

Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold.

This means that vinyl windows insulate better than wood or metal windows, and effectively combat heat effects during warm weather and heat loss during winter. Vinyl replacement windows are energy-efficient, and unlike wood windows that tend to swell during winter and shrink during summer, vinyl replacement windows do not lose their shape.

Great Lakes Windows offers a wide variety of vinyl replacement window styles.

You can shop for windows by house style: Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, Georgian, Ranch, Farmhouse, Cape Cod, and Arts & Crafts. You can also shop by window style. Great Lakes Windows manufactures double-hung, sliding, casement, bay, garden, and bow windows, as well as patio doors, all made from sturdy vinyl. All styles are made according to Great Lakes Windows’ standards of quality, durability, and energy efficiency.

Great Lakes Windows’ vinyl replacement window mainframes are filled with R-Core insulation and are fitted with Warm-edge Intercept insulated grass for maximum energy efficiency and thermal performance. Great Lakes Windows are made with New Generation Vinyl.  To clean windows, all you have to do is wash them with a little soap and water. That’s all the maintenance Great Lakes Windows vinyl replacement windows need. No need to repaint or re-stain these windows because the vinyl color is not merely painted on but part of the vinyl itself. To make their windows nearly indestructible, Great Lakes Windows utilized pinch fusion welding and fin and pile weathers-tripping, making frame corners tougher and resistant to weather changes and creating a barrier against water and air.

You can also shop according to product line. Great Lakes Windows currently has four lines of vinyl replacement windows and patio doors, with each having its own distinctive look and unique set of features. Uniframe windows are perfect for those who want all of the features of vinyl replacement windows but who also want the freedom to customize according to taste. Uniframe windows come in three exterior colors and five wood grain interiors. For further customization, Uniframe windows can also be fitted with your choice of glass, like Low-E, Easy-Clean, or InterForcell, depending on your needs.

For even more customization options, Lifestyle windows and doors can be fitted with several kinds of decorative grids, designer glass, and color combinations. In addition, Lifestyle windows offer even more practical features like ventilation-limit and sash stealth locks; internal fiberglass reinforced meeting rails, and tilt-latches to make cleaning your windows even easier.

Seabrooke windows and doors are the epitome of functional elegance. Seabrooke windows allow you to choose from a wide range of custom designer glass, color combinations, and decorator grids. Fusion-welded frames, internal insulation, and interior glazing beads make your home’s windows not only things of beauty, but functional as well.

For more than 30 years, Great Lakes Windows has committed itself to manufacturing high-quality vinyl replacement windows guaranteed to stand the test of time. Great Lake Windows stands by its products, and as proof , offers a transferrable lifetime guarantee on all of its vinyl replacement windows and doors.