DreamspacE® Patio Enclosures

Imagine Your DreamsapceE®

Now you can create affordable and flexible living space that adapts to your changing lifestyle with a DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure, the 24-Hour RoomTM!

Visualize escaping to your favorite vacation spot without leaving your home, or having a safe place for your children to play during the day, that turns into an entertainment center at night. Or, you might want to use your DreamspacE® to simply unwind after a long day! The possibilities for adding flexible space while enriching your life are only limited by your imagination.

DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure Styles

Cathedral style
Cathedral Style

Our Cathedral style Sunrooms feature vaulted ceilings and glass transoms, providing an abundance of light and openness. They can be added to one or two-story homes, seamlessly blending with your home’s architecture. Available in custom sizes, or nine standard sizes, this sunroom will become your family’s favorite room in your home!

Marquee style
Marquee Style

Our Marquee style sunrooms feature a roof design that slopes from the house wall. Also called shed, straight eave, or studio styles, the Marquee style will complement most any home’s architecture. Available in custom sizes, or six standard sizes, entertaining family and friends will be a pleasure your new sunroom.

Custom size
Convert Existing Screen Rooms/Patios

Our Walls-Only Patio Enclosure is the perfect solution for those who would like to enjoy the benefits of a sunroom, and already have an existing roof-covered porch or patio. Customizable wall heights and widths can beautifully enhance the look of your home while providing the protection you desire from inclement weather and pesky insects.

Wall System Features

Energy-efficient all-season DreamspacE® Patio Enclosures feature a three-inch thick wall system with thermally-enhanced structural frames for added strength and durability.


3″ Wall System

Radius All-Season Post

Radius All-Season Post

Beveled 3-Season Post

Beveled 3-Season Post

Roof Features

6 inch roof

Our three-inch roof system with Aluminum I-Beam Roof Mullions is thermally-enhanced to inhibit the transfer of heat and cold, enabling you to utilize your new DreamspacE® throughout the year. For increased insulating value, consider our six inch roof system.

Our Enhanced Roof Panels enable you to add shingles to the roof of your sunroom, creating an aesthetically pleasing transition between the enclosure and house roof.

Sliding Patio Door Features

Legance door

Our Fully Fusion-Welded Vinyl Patio Door features a Monorail Track Design and Anti-Racking System enabling the door to glide smoothly.

Jamming screens are not an issue with our heavy-duty hanging screen featuring AccuTrack Anti-Racking technology.

The Dual-Point Grappling Hook Lock increases security by drawing the sash tight to the door frame.

Slider Window Features

You will also enjoy advanced features with the Vinyl Slider Window System, including Removable Track Liners for easy cleaning.

6 inch roof

Warm-Edge Technology reduces condensation and seal failures, making your new DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure a comfortable living space for all your family activities.

Self-aligning, Dual Tandem Brass Rollers glide along a mono-rail track for smooth, easy sash operation.

Removable window sashes provide quick screen room conversion and maximum ventilation.

Optional Window Styles

Add an elegant bay window, double hungs or casements to your sunroom.

Maintenance-Free Grids in colonial and prairie patterns add a special touch to the appearance of your DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure.

Wall Options

  • Earthtone Color Walls and Windows
  • ASA Luran Wall Skins are a dent and scratch-resistant alternative for interior and exterior sunroom walls
  • Electric-Ready Chaseways enable the addition of wall outlets, lighting, ceiling fans, or heating and air conditioning to your sunroom
Earthtone Walls & Windows

Earthtone Walls & Windows

ASA Luran Wall Skins

ASA Luran Wall Skins

Roof Options

Fixed or Operable Skylights

Fixed or Operable Skylights available

  • Fixed or Operable Skylights enable you to enjoy blue skies and more light in your sunroom.
  • Extruded Integral Gutter System
  • 6” Roof Panels with enhanced insulating properties and span capabilities
  • Enhanced Roof Panels enable you to add shingles to the roof of your DreamspacE Patio enclosure and sunroom, creating an aesthetically pleasing transition between the sunroom and your home.
  • K-Gutter Prep

*3- and 4-ply panels only.

Window & Door Options

  • Various window styles including double hung, casement or bay windows. Or, to increase your viewing area and light, try glass kick panels, trapezoid shapes or rectangular transoms.

Grid Options

Choose from a variety of decorative grid patterns, styles and colors. All grids come between the glass for easy maintenance and a clean, modern look.

Grid options include:
  • 3/8″ square
  • 5/8″ flat
  • 5/8″ or 1″ contoured
contoured grid


flat grid


square grid


DreamGlas® Options

Dress up your windows with our gorgeous jewel cut, colored, and camed decorative glass patterns.







Crystal Border

Crystal Border

Crystal Facets

Crystal Facets

Gentle Blossom

Gentle Blossom

Additional Options

  • 3’ Insulated Steel Entry Door
  • Thermo-Deck insulating floor system if available in various thicknesses and insulating values.

Energy Efficiency

All DreamspacE® Patio Enclosures are standard with dual-pane insulating glass and Warm-Edge Technology, increasing the insulating value of your sunroom’s windows and sliding glass doors by 200%.

Add one of our optional insulating glass packages constructed of Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass to turn your DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom into a 24-Hour RoomTM that you can use morning, noon and night!

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass

U-Factor comparison chart

Click image for larger view.

As shown in the diagram on left, Low-E:

  1. Allows natural light to freely enter your DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure.
  2. During winter months, Low-E glass reflects heated air back into the DreamspacE® keeping it warm while lowering heating costs.
  3. In the summer, Low-E glass reflects the warm air outdoors back outside, lowering your DreamspacE® cooling costs.

Energy Efficient Glass Options

DreamspacE® Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms are constructed with Thermal Windows and Doors, which are NFRC tested and certified. We offer a wide variety of insulating glass packages that help qualify our windows and patio doors for the ENERGY STAR® Label.

Peak PerformanceTM Glass

Our Peak Performance Glass system is a dual-pane insulating glass system that combines one lite of high performance Low-E Glass and one lite of clear glass. The air space between the two is enhanced with Argon, an insulating gas. Consider the Peak Performance Glass system, which combines one lite of high-performance triple coat Low-E Glass and one lite of clear glass, for climates where solar control is important.

Peak PerformanceTM Ultra Glass

Peak PerformanceTM Ultra Glass combines triple glazing, Low-E Glass and Argon gas.

Peak PerformanceTM Elite Glass

The addition of Krypton gas to our triple glaze glass gives our Peak PerformanceTM Elite Glass system an exceptional insulating capability, which far exceeds ENERGY STAR criteria.

GreenSpec Listed


  • Available in All-Season and 3-Season Systems
  • Standard & Custom designs
  • White and Earthtone Colors
  • Max Glass designs
  • Thermally-enhanced roof system
  • 6” roof (option)
  • Shingle-Ready Roof Panels (option)
  • Enhanced Insulating Glass packages (option)
  • Maintenance-Free Grids (option)
  • DreamGlas® decorative glass (option)
  • Optional window styles including double hung, casement, bay, kick panels, trapezoid shapes or rectangular transoms
  • Concealed, electric-ready wall and roof (option)
  • Fixed or operable skylights (option)
  • Insulating floor systems (option)
  • Components meet International Building Code (IBC) standards

Greener ChoiceTM

the greener choiceGreener ChoiceTM is a term we use to describe features and benefits of our products that are environmentally friendly.
Energy Efficient Glass Package Options

Improve the comfort of your DreamspacE®, while saving money on heating and cooling bills. They are also better for the environment because they lower your carbon footprint.

Recyclable Components

Our manufacturing processes blend environmental sensitivity with high-quality finished products. We recycle our vinyl, glass and aluminum scrap, often selling it to companies outside our industry. These materials provide our customers products with sustainable life spans, keeping them out of landfills.

Look for the Greener ChoiceTM Logo to identify these products and materials.

Note: Selection of appropriate DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom models and options should conform to any and all local building codes and ordinances.

DreamspacE® Patio Enclosures may be custom designed to your specific dimensions. Finished designs may vary from photographs shown.